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About CJCR

Community, Journalism & Communication Research

The Community, Journalism & Communication Research (CJCR) collective is located in the School of Journalism at University of Texas at Austin. Its mission is twofold. First, it serves as a unique and collaborative environment for faculty and students in the College of Communication to conduct research. Secondly, it provides a physical space and a synergetic force for academics to exchange ideas and advance empirical research on different topics in the fields of journalism and communication.

CJCR draws on the various backgrounds and research interests of its students and faculty. For instance, CJCR members study new communication technologies and digital media and their impact on the arena of journalism and mass communication. CJCR thrives to shed some light on how the use of these new technologies and digital media affect us all at an individual level, the communities we live in, and finally, our society at large. Understanding the way people communicate in today's global world, as well as what journalism is today, will help define the future of politics, culture, and civilization.

Please browse the CJCR Web pages to learn more about the members, their individual interests and the research we are currently conducting. If you are interested in participating in any of the projects and want to provide some feedback or comments, please contact us at cjcr@austin.utexas.edu.

Homero Gil de Zuniga
Associate Professor
Director, Community, Journalism & Communication Research
School of Journalism
College of Communication
University of Texas at Austin