Dispatch 40

Dispatch 40, which refers to UT’s 40 acres, is produced by students in the first required course in the Broadcast News Sequence in the School of Journalism. Students pitch their own enterprise stories and have one week to record all their interviews and fine-tune their reporting before digitally editing their podcasts. Here is a selected sample of student-produced reports.

Uber in Austin
Danielle Smith

Transportation network companies or TNCs like Uber and Lyft are changing Austin roadways. As Danielle Smith reports, the city has voted to legalize

TNCs. The question now concerns regulations necessary to make sure all vehicles for hire provide safe rides for people in Ausitn.

Arthur Ray

More than 100-thousand people flock to New Braunfels every November to join in on the fun of Wurstfest. Arthur Ray explores Wurstfest’s rise from small celebration to the biggest German festival in Texas.

Mental Illness and Gun Violence
Viviana Castaneda

Individuals diagnosed with a mental illness commit less than five percent of gun-related fatalities in the U.S. As society continues to link gun violence and mental illness with one another, other factors that are vital to understanding the cause of the gun shootings can be forgotten. Viviana Castañeda reports on the larger picture of mental health and gun crime.

The Annual Madrigal Dinner
Jett Beachum

The Annual Madrigal Dinner is in it’s 35th year and continues to bring in crowds of spectators. Reporter Jett Beachum discovers what the Madrigal Dinner is all about, and how it has changed over the years.

College for Texas Seniors
Nancy Hernandez

Pursuing a higher education comes with a price tag. But what if you were told you could attend college for free? Reporter Nancy Hernandez tells us more about a free federal program offered to Texas Senior Citizens.

UT RAD Program
Marievel Santiago

In light of the recent Campus Climate Survey and reported assaults around campus, one program strives to teach the UT Austin community how to fight back. Marievel Santiago reports on how the Rape Aggression Defense, or RAD program, not only emphasizes the importance of self-defense, but also the idea of confidence and empowerment.

Austin Comedy Community
Maddy Blankenship

For many comedians, turning comedy into a career is a difficult dream to make reality. But as Maddy Blankenship reports, that doesn’t stop the incredibly diverse group of stand-up comedians in Austin from continuing to make people laugh.

West Campus
Anthony Green

A proposal the Urban Transportation Commission has approved calls for the addition of over 300 new meters throughout West Campus. As Anthony Green reports, many of the new meters would replace currently free parking spaces.

Latino Voters
Marysabel Cardozo

Despite being the largest minority in the United States, Latinos account for one of the lowest voter turnouts. Reporter Marysabel Cardozo explores the possible reasons, consequences, and solutions surrounding this issue in the Lone Star state.

Study Drug Use
Alex Samuels

Study drugs like Adderall, which were developed for those diagnosed with A-D-H-D, are being used recreationally by students who find they perform better with its aid. Reporter Alex Samuels explores the effects on college students that use such drugs.

Pumpkins for a Purpose
Jillian Gaier

Austin Oaks Church is hosting a pumpkin patch through the end of October. Reporter Jillian Gaier discovers what makes this fall fest different from the rest.

Swing Dance
Lauren Florence

Austin has one of the largest swing dancing communities in the country. Reporter Lauren Florence discovers why swing dancing has regained popularity.