Dispatch 40

Dispatch 40, which refers to UT’s 40 acres, is produced by students in the first required course in the Broadcast News Sequence in the School of Journalism. Students pitch their own enterprise stories and have one week to record all their interviews and fine-tune their reporting before digitally editing their podcasts. Here is a selected sample of student-produced reports.

Empty Bowls
Sarah Taqvi

Many children in Austin do not get enough food and educational tutoring. Reporter (SAAR-uh) Taqvi (THUK-vee) shows how at this time of the year, ONE event attempts to raise money... and awareness on these issues using empty bowls.

Black Friday 2013
Michael Aaron

For decades… Americans have flocked to stores on Black Friday. But… 35-million Americans shopped for holiday deals on Thanksgiving Day in 20-12. Reporter Michael Aaron explains the new retail trend.

Austin Chalk Artist
Shelby Isbell

Local Austin artist Natasha Navarro is quickly developing a name for herself as a freelance chalk artist. Shelby Isbell explores why she is becoming such a hot commodity for local businesses.

Joey's Story
Daniel Jenkins

Joseph Ovalle (oh-VAH-yay) prepares for his new life as a transgender man as he gets ready to undergo top surgery... a procedure that would further his transition from female... to male. Daniel Jenkins (JINK-inz) follows Ovalle's story about his life-changing campaign.

Nerd Slam
Briana Franklin

Wikipedia defines a nerd as a person who is overly intellectual...obssesive...or socially impaired. Reporter Briana Franklin tells us how Nerd Slam is breaking these stereotypes.

Black Graduation
Mia King

Afrikan American Affairs is a U-T agency that provides support… leadership… and a sense of community to Black students on campus. Reporter Mia King finds out how they achieve this through their annual Black Graduation ceremony.

Skin Care
Rachel Knapp

Your skin is the biggest organ of your body. Rachel Knapp discovers the many ways of keeping that organ clean and polished.

Lonestar Showdown
Larissa Liska

The Intramural football Lone Star Showdown is not only a battle of toughness…but of tradition.  Larissa Liska reports on the rekindled rivalry between the University of Texas and Texas A&M.

Twelve Year-old Fashion Designer
Liliana Llamas

At 12-years-old most pre-teens are enjoying their first year of junior high. BUT 12-year-old fashion designer and college student Isabella Rose Taylor is changing the trend. Liliana Llamas (YA-mas) reports on the life of this Austin prodigy. 

Austin Bicycle Tracks
Shelby Isbell

The City of Austin unveiled a new bicycle track that provides a safe route for cyclists. Shelby IZ-bull reports on the bicycle tracks benefits . . . and its reception. 

Hopefest 2013
Breanna Luna

The celebration of Hopefest 2013 opens opportunities for East Austin by providing resources to underprivileged neighborhoods. From free medical screenings and more, reporter Breanna Luna covers the effects the event gives to the community.

Bedicheck Balloon Toss
Liliana Llamas

Bedichek Middle School joins the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest balloon toss. Our reporter Liliana Llamas (YA-mas) takes us to the big event.