Research Produced by Journalism Graduate Students


Research Produced by Journalism Graduate Students

When students enroll in the Journalism PhD and Master’s research and theory programs at the University of Texas at Austin, they join a community of scholars committed to conducting, presenting and publishing ethical research.

While the research may begin as a classroom assignment or collaboration with faculty or fellow graduate students, the end product is usually a convention paper, journal article, book chapter or book.

Please browse through the convention papers and publications produced by our PhD and Master’s research and theory students. These publications are organized by year in the column to the right.

About Our Research

The UT School of Journalism faculty and students have 33 papers accepted to AEJMC this year, including eight award winners. See the most current updates. At the graduate school, there are many opportunities for students to participate in collaborative research. Students have the opportunity to work directly with professors in variety of research groups, listed here.

Our faculty represents a broad array of backgrounds and interests, all of which combine for one of the most distinguished academic foundations in the country. From tenured professors to adjunct faculty, the School of Journalism continually seeks to raise the bar in Journalism education. Our diverse faculty, which includes internationally renowned scholars, comes from diverse backgrounds and carries extensive experience in the fields of print, broadcast, photo and multimedia journalism.

Together, they hold leadership positions in national and international organizations and serve as editors, editorial board members and contributors to top journals across a broad spectrum of Journalism interests.

In its latest evaluation by the Accrediting Council of Education in Journalism and Mass Communication, the school was praised for the faculty's level of scholarly productivity, visibility in both academic and professional circles and exceptional student-faculty relations.

Our faculty of more than 45 full-time and adjunct instructors represents more than 300 years of professional experience and more than 450 years of research cultivation.

The School of Journalism prides itself on a vast set of specializations, including international reporting, innovative newsrooms, education reporting, multimedia journalism, business reporting, sports journalism, social and political commentary, documentary photography, alternative media forms, social media and media and press criticism.

ICA 2016

Chen, VY.,  P., & Pain, P. What changed public opinion on the same sex marriage issue? New implications of attributes in media agenda setting. Selected for presentation International Communication Association, 2016

Chen, G. M., & Zheng, P. (June 2016) The “Defensive Effect”: Uncivil Comments Indirectly Increase Intention to Participate Politically, Through Negative Affect. Accepted for presentation at 2016 ICA annual conference, Japan.

Chyi, H. I. & Tenenboim, O. (2016). Reality Check: The Performance Gap between U.S. Newspapers' Print and Online Products, 2007-2015. Paper accepted for presentation at the annual conference of the International Communication Association, Fukuoka, Japan.

García-Perdomo, V., Spence, J., Straubhaar, J., Mora, A. Second Screening in Latin America: a window for added engagement with TV industry. Paper accepted at the 2016 ICA Conference, Fukuoka, Japan.  

Manosevitch, I. & Tenenboim, O. (2016). The Multifaceted Role of User-Generated Content in News Websites: A Conceptual Framework. Paper accepted for presentation at the annual conference of the International Communication Association, Fukuoka, Japan.

McCombs, M., Zheng, P., & Pain, P. Psychological geography through the eyes of the New York Times and People’s Daily: A network agenda-setting analysis. Selected for presentation International Communication Association, 2016

Other Conferences in 2015-2016

Chen, V.Y., & Pain, P. Media sources and the same sex marriage issue: Through the lens of the agenda setting theory. Selected for presentation WAPOR 2016

Chen, GM., & Pain, P. OBAMACARE in the news: An alternate and mainstream media frame comparison. Selected for presentation WAPOR 2016

Garcia, V., & Zheng, P. (May 2016). Paying attention in a unique way: Difference between second screening and TV-only viewers during the U.S. presidential debate. Accepted for presentation at 69th World Association for Public Opinion Research (WAPOR) annual conference, Austin, TX.

García-Perdomo, V. (2015, November). Obsessed with Disseminating News: Analysis of four TV News Channels on Twitter: The case of CNNE, Univision News, Caracol News, and CityTv. Paper presented at the Contemporary Developments on Media and Society Conference in Argentina and Latin America, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Kilgo, D.; Yoo, J.; Johnson, T. (2016) Following the leader? Identifying characteristics of anonymous opinion leadership in reddit. Accepted for presentation at the World Association for Public Opinion Research, Austin, TX.

Kilgo, D.; Mourao, R.R.; Sylvie, G. (2016) Framing Ferguson: the interplay of advocacy and journalistic frames in the case of Michael Brown. Accepted for presentation at the Southern States Communication Conference, Austin, TX.