Director David Ryfe

David Ryfe

Professor and Director

Journalism has never been more important than it is today, and the University of Texas at Austin is at the forefront of educating students who want to uncover and tell stories that matter.

Our emphasis on traditional journalism skills – observational reporting, skillful interviewing, relentless fact checking and clear, elegant writing – remains as strong as ever. We have standalone courses in ethics and media law. All reporting classes hammer home the importance of verification and deep sourcing. Our internship and publishing partners include the top media organizations in Texas and around the country. 

But students also take courses in mobile app design and development, web and mobile programming, database reporting, data visualization, social media and multimedia storytelling. You can learn how to think like media entrepreneurs and how to experiment with the next generation of technology.

In addition to a large and exciting program for undergraduates, we have a highly regarded graduate program, with master's degrees both in the practice and study of journalism, and a doctoral program for those who want to teach and do advanced research.

We have a strong track record of placing students in top internships and launching graduates into choice jobs across the media landscape. Our school benefits from a committed, well-placed network of alumni and friends. Graduates and faculty, past and present, have won more than 25 Pulitzer Prizes.

Whether you're planning to become a journalist or prepare yourself for the world of digital communication, our school is here to serve and challenge you.