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Tonight on Texas Newswatch, scooters are gaining speed on UT campus. But UT police warn there may be some safety concerns. Are you getting stressed about finals? Experts say there might be a way to help you get through the next few weeks. And find out how a group of students is helping the bee population make a come back.

Tonight on Texas Newswatch, why the student body president of one Texas university has been impeached. Starbucks locations across the country are closing for an afternoon. We'll tell you when and why. And how the mother of a murdered UT student is fighting for stricter knife laws.

Tonight on Texas Newswatch, libraries are going mobile looking for any way to encourage kids to read. There are 4.5 million victims of trafficking worldwide. We'll tell you about an organization that is teaching students to protect themselves. And are you sick of all the boarded-up windows? There are finally some restaurants that have opened on the Drag.

Tonight on Texas Newswatch, we’re talking about how educators are preparing young students for mass shootings and possible lockdowns. We remember the life of UT student Haruka Weiser whose body was found in Waller Creek two years ago. And how UTPD is honoring her life throughout the month of April. And while the drag is one of the busiest streets on campus, we’re telling you why many of its businesses seem to have a hard time staying there.

Tonight on Texas Newswatch, the Austin Police Department is investigating sexual assault allegations that have been made at a fraternity house during UT’s round-up parties. We’re also talking to Austin residents about the relief they are feeling after the recent bombings and what the university is doing to ensure student safety moving forward. And it’s time to say goodbye to one of Austin’s hot spots.

Tonight on Texas Newswatch, thousands await a decision on DACA. One Austin organization teaches Dreamers how to protect themselves to give them a little peace of mind ahead of the holidays. UT students are taking on human trafficking every day this December. Find out how that's empowered their wardrobe. Get out your knee pads. These Austin women are taking roller derby out of the rink and into the community.

Coming up on Texas Newswatch, one students helps out the environment by growing a garden out of garbage. A UT organization is doing something unique to help homeless victims in Austin. And some Victoria animals made their way to the Austin Zoo after Hurricane Harvey. Take a look at what the zoo is doing to care for them.

An Austin man is giving out free food -- how he's using his business to help the hungry. A big name recently joined small businesses around campus. How students and local store owners are reacting to Target's newest location. And the UT Women's Basketball home opener was this Sunday. Hear what they've got planned for the season.

A UT fraternity is suspended after violating national standards. The whole Greek Life community may be under watch. We'll reveal what some Austinites express about President Trump one year after his election. And one man's initiative uses the snap of a camera to preserve nature. Discover what he's doing to go green.

Tonight on Texas Newswatch, how the blind community is coming together to show they are just as capable to work as anyone else. Take a ride with a UT police officer as she navigates campus on a Texas football game day. Plus, cooler weather comes to Texas this weekend as a cold front hits Austin. Find out how low temperatures will go.