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Coming up on Texas Newswatch, find out what extra security precautions ACL took this year. If you're walking near downtown, you may need to use the restroom. We'll show you what the city did to provide public restroom access. And an Austin elementary school gears up to serve students their most important meal of the day for those who may not be able to afford it.

Tonight on Texas Newswatch... Early voting for Proposition 1 drew big crowds to the ballot. We show you what some Uber and Lyft drivers are saying about their job depending on your votes. A big day for music, Austin City Limits lineups were announced and Zilker Park is already preparing for this years festivities. Graduation is approaching and jobs aren't on the agenda, why some UT students are leaning towards internships.

Tonight on Texas Newswatch... Nearly a month since the death of a UT student we look at how some are hoping to see a changes around campus. What a supreme court ruling could mean for the undocumented in the US. And, showers may be returning after these few sunny days. What to expect for the rest of the week ahead.

Tonight on Texas Newswatch... A week of heavy rains caused flooding all across Texas. We have a look at the precipitation levels in Austin. Nearly three weeks since tragedy struck the UT campus. How students are coming together to stay safe. And updated shuttle buses will soon be on the road. Why some students aren't so excited about the new features.

Tonight on Texas Newswatch... Campus safety steps up after the death of a UT student, Haruka Weiser. We have a live look at what police are doing to make campus more secure. Global violence leads to more people fleeing to Texas and more issues of deportation and now a local church is a place of asylum. And, how nail polish can affect your health. Find out what you need to know before your next trip to the nail salon.

Tonight on Texas Newswatch... Breaking news. A suspect has been identified in the homicide on the U-T campus. We have new information coming up. Students turning to study drugs for that extra edge, and the negative effects they could have on your health. And, a look at this weekend's forecast ahead. We could be seeing some showers.

Tonight on Texas Newswatch... As Zika virus cases appear in central texas, find out what the state is doing regarding mosquito testing. The Moody Sky Bridge is finally finished. Watch the bridge dedication live. And, will today's sunshine continue into the weekend? We will have this weekend's forcast ahead.