Adrianne Grubic

Ph.D. Student


Juris Master degree from Emory University School of Law, M.M.C. from the University of South Carolina at Columbia and B.A. from Auburn University in Mass Communication.

Media experience

Sports broadcasting as a sports assignment coordinator at CNN for 13 years and production assistant at Fox Sports Net and ESPN. Sports copy editor for the Marietta Daily Journal and part of a staff that won a Georgia Press Association award for sport design.

Career goals

Research interests include sports and society, sports journalism coverage and media law.

Publications (peer-reviewed)  

Mirer, M. & Grubic, A. (2019) Promotional space or public forum: Protest coverage and reader response in team-operated media, Communication & Sport,  

Book Contributions 

 Grubic, A. Just do it: Media coverage of Muslim women in their Nike hijabs. In Sportswomen’s apparel around  the world: Uniformly discussed. Palgrave Macmillan (Forthcoming December 2020)  

Peer-Reviewed Conference Presentations  

Grubic, A. (2018). The politicizing of ESPN: Perceived media bias of the worldwide leader in sports. Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication annual conference, Washington, D.C. 

 Grubic, A. (2018). More than football: Analyzing journalistic coverage and reader comments of Colin Kaepernick. North American Society for the Sociology of Sport, Vancouver. Grubic, A. (2018). Clicking away: Charting themes in viral journalism. What’s (the) News? annual conference, Brussels.  

Grubic, A. (2019). It’s not about the Protest; Bias and racism in the sports section. International Conference on Sport & Society annual conference, Toronto.  

Grubic, A. (2019). The medium muddies the message: Colin Kaepernick and the simulacra. International Association for Communication and Sport annual conference, Boise.  

Grubic, A. (2020). There’s No Crying in Baseball: Ritual and Rhetoric Embedded in Sports Tragedy. International Communication Association, Gold Coast, Australia (virtual).  

Grubic, A. (2020). Get Your Head Out of the Game: Framing of Female Athletes and Concussions. International Communication Association, Gold Coast, Australia (virtual).  

Grubic, A. (2020). The Sacking of Kaeplanta: Whose Voice is Valued in the Built Environment. Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (virtual).  

Grubic, A. (2020). History of the Black Power Movement: Going Beyond Mediated Images. Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (virtual).  

Brown, J., Shermak, J., & Grubic, A. (2018), No news is real news: How political partisanship impacts trust in the news. Presented at the American Political Science Association annual conference, Boston.  

Mirer, M. & Grubic, A. (2019). In-house media as public forum: Fan voices in team-operated digital spaces. Presented at the Communication and Sport annual conference, Boise.  

Mirer, M. & Grubic, A. (2019) PR or Public Forum?: Athlete activism and team-operated media, Presented at the International Communication Association pre-conference, Washington, D.C.  

Pena V., Grubic A., & Figueroa, E.(2020), The Blame Game: A Discourse Analysis Surrounding Domestic Violence Images in Sport. International Communication Association, Gold Coast, Australia (virtual).