Brad Limov

Doctoral Student

Brad Limov (MA Cinema Studies, Nagoya University) is a PhD candidate and Continuing Fellow in the School of Journalism and Media. His research on media production and discourse examines the relationships between social justice movements and communities of practice across convergent industries and platforms. He is particularly interested in gatherings at events and collective action, as well as the possibilities for a more just society that arise amid new technologies and shifts in political economy.

Academic Publications

Varma, A., Limov, B., & Cabas-Mijares, A. (In press). “They always get our story wrong”: Addressing social justice activists’ news distrust through solidarity reporting. Media and Communication.

Limov, B. (2023). Platforming inclusion at U.S. media industry events: Confronting Hollywood’s lack of representational diversity. Critical Studies in Media Communication.Advance online publication.

Riedl, M.J., Strover, S., Cao, T.*, Choi, J.*, Limov, B.*, & Schnell, M.* (2022). Reverse-engineering political protest: The Russian Internet Research Agency in the heart of Texas. Information, Communication & Society, 25(15), 2299-2316.

Limov, B. (2021). Zoom, cinema, and the transnational Q&A. In Media Res: A Media Commons Project.

Limov, B. (2020). Click it, binge it, get hooked: Netflix and the growing U.S. audience for foreign content. International Journal of Communication, 14, 6304-6323.

Hobbins-White, P.*, & Limov, B.* (2020). SXSW, Amazon, and the difficulty of staging an exclusive event online. NECSUS_European Journal of Media Studies, 9(2), 329-338.

(*indicates equal contributions)

Brad Limov headshot

Photo credit: Christopher T Assaf

Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada