Brad Limov

Ph.D. Student

Brad has experience as a photo and video producer. He's worked as a translator in China and Japan to help universities communicate with international audiences. He has an MA in Cinema Studies from Nagoya University and a Creative Writing BA from Colorado College. His research focuses on film festivals, where industry professionals and cinema fans come together and politics often take the stage, offering a window into the growing transnational synergies and remaining international barriers between business, government, and culture in our globalized world.

Academic Conference Presentations 

Limov, B. (2020, August 6-9). Click it, binge it, get hooked: Netflix and the growing U.S. audience for foreign content [Top Student Paper for the Entertainment Studies Interest Group]. AEJMC, San Francisco, CA, USA.  

Limov, B. (2020, April 16-18). Global arthouse made in China?: Navigating access to China’s domestic market through the International Film Festival Circuit [Paper presentation]. In B. Limov (Chair), Translating space, negotiating place: Locating the Shanghai International Film Festival within the International Film Festival Circuit. Media Industries 2020, King’s College London. (Conference canceled) 

Limov, B. (2020, March 25). China and the impact of national regulatory regimes on transnational media production and consumption [Research presentation]. Moody Graduate Research Symposium, The University of Texas at Austin, United States. (Conference canceled) 

Limov, B. (2019, October 25-27). Film festivals and soft power: The Belt and Road Initiative at the Shanghai International Film Festival [Paper presentation]. Global Fusion, The University of Texas at Austin, United States. 

Festival Reviews 

Hobbins-White, P.* & Limov, B.* (2020). SXSW’s Amazon partnership and the difficulty of staging an exclusive event online. NECSUS_European Journal of Media Studies. *these authors contributed equally to this work