Ever Josue Figueroa


I was born in San Salvador, El Salvador, and moved to United States when I was about 3 years old. I grew up in Houston and graduated in 2010 and got my Bachelor's degree in Journalism from UT. I ended up working in the tech industry for a few years afterward. I started off as an IT assistant and then moved on to become the account manager for a software company that specialized in creating databases. It was here that I became heavily interested in data analysis and teaching. I have always had a heavy interest in the Internet and computers since I was young. I got my first computer with internet when I was in 6th grade and I have been hooked on online media ever since. I hope to bring a more tech-minded focus into Journalism research.

Media experience

I was an account manager at a tech company for two years working with non-profits. I developed training material to help assist non-profits in using databases to track and measure their outcomes as well as contributed towards blog posts and marketing material. I am heavily involved with social media and find the way people react and behave to newsworthy events fascinating. 


Bachelor of Journalism from The University of Texas at Austin, Masters of Arts, University of Texas

Research interests

Social Media, Digital Media, Big Data, and Internet Culture

Career goals

My primary goal is to become a professor. I love teaching and I love research. It seems like the perfect fit for me. I feel like I can bring a fresh perspective into academics and really contribute toward the field of Journalism. I have many questions I have developed from just personal observations of the internet from online forums, Twitter, and online news comments that I would like to dig deeper into. I am also a huge tech junky, and in my free time I have learned a few programming languages which I want to continue to be proficient at. A more immediate goal of mine is to develop an iOS app that can help assist Journalists out in the field. I also know a few database languages such as SQL which I hope to apply in my research of big data and statistics. 

What are a few of your favorite things about UT, the J-School, or Austin?

It feels like a bit of a homecoming for me to be back in the UT J-School. It's great talking to my old professors who still remember me! I love how warm and welcoming everyone is. Everyone is very encouraging and they really do a good job of motivating you. My favorite thing about Austin is the cycling scene. I try to participate in as many social rides as I can.  

What sites would you recommend checking out?

Houston Chronicle, Kill Screen Daily, Grantland, The AV Club, LiveForTheFunk, Ars Technica, Soundcloud, MIT Technology Review, The Fader, Vice, Paste Magazine, and Reddit