Gyo Hyun Koo

Doctoral Student

Gyo Hyun Koo is from Daegu, Korea by way of Bloomington Indiana. She worked as a reporter and an editor-in-chief of the college newspaper and earned her MA in Media Arts & Science from Indiana University, Bloomington. Hyun is deeply interested in political communication and public opinion. She conducts quantitative research that investigates the impact of media on people's political attitudes as well as behaviors and how (news) media addresses political issues. She hopes to continue to help citizens adapt to, and raise their voices in, a changing media environment.

Conference Papers 

Koo, G. H. (2020). Are You Frightened? Children’s cognitive and affective reactions to news coverage of school shootings. Paper presented at the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication, 2020  

Koo, G. H. (2020). The Silence Breakers: Understanding the development of #MeToo based on Spiral of silence theory. Paper presented at the 70th International Communication Association, 2020 

Lee, T., Johnson, T. & Koo, G. H. (2020). Bridging between political engagement and fake news sharing: The Role of Third-person Perception and Partisanship. Paper presented at the 70th International Communication Association, 2020 


Hometown: Daegu, Korea

Gyo Hyun Koo headshot