Kyser Lough

PhD Student

Kyser Lough is a Ph.D. student in Journalism at The University of Texas at Austin and a Population Health Scholar at The University of Texas System. His main research interests are visual communication and solutions journalism.

As a principle, he tries to incorporate visuals into nearly everything he can. He studies how news images are made, selected and interpreted, as well as the photographers themselves in how they define and operate within their field. His solutions journalism work investigates audience effects, how it is conceptualized/created and the interplay of words and images.

His research has been presented at both national and regional Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication conferences, as well as at the International Communication Association conference and in Brussels, Belgium at the Constructed/Constructive Journalism Conference.

Prior to coming to UT, he spent 10 years as a photojournalist, reporter and public relations practitioner. His work has appeared for the Associated Press and NCAA and in the Austin American-Statesman, Lexington Herald-Leader, Louisville Courier-Journal and American Hunter Magazine among others.

He taught graphic design and photography as an adjunct lecturer for two years at Murray State University in Murray, Ky., including leading a digital storytelling study abroad program to Italy and Greece. He also served as the interim adviser and then assistant adviser for the campus student newspaper, The Murray State News. As a teaching assistant at UT, he has taught both photography and digital storytelling courses.


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