Paromita Pain

Ph.D. Student

Degrees: M.A. Specialized Journalism, Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, University of Southern California (August 2011-August 2012)

M.A. Communication, Women’s Christian College, University of Madras, India (August 2000-July 2002)

BA English Honors, St. Xavier’s College, University of Calcutta, India (1997-2000)

Media experience: A senior reporter with The Hindu National Newspaper for about eight years, I have written for The Guardian, PBS MediaShift, The Wall Street Journal and

Research interests: My research interests include examining participatory media process, citizen’s journalism and women’s empowerment and the impact of mobile technologies on news consumption.

Career goals: Map the importance of citizen and participatory journalism in India and globally. 



Peer-Reviewed Journal Publications

Pain, P. (2017). Educate. Empower. Revolt: Framing Citizen journalism as a creator of social movements. Journalism Practice, 1-18

Pain, P. (2016). “When I Ask a Question, They Look at me Strangely” An exploratory study of women political reporters in India. Journalism Practice, 1-19.

Pain, P., Masullo Chen, G., & Campbell, C. P. (2016). Learning by Doing: Teaching Multimedia Journalism Through Coverage of the 50th Anniversary of Freedom Summer. Journalism & Mass Communication Educator71(4), 400-412.

Pain, P. (2017). Framing citizen activism: a comparative study of the CGNET Swara and Mobile Voices projects. Media Asia, 1-14.

Chen, V., & Pain, P. (2017). News sources and the same sex marriage issue. The Agenda Setting Journal1(2), 158-179.

Masullo Chen, G., & Pain, P. (2016). Normalizing Online Comments. Journalism Practice, 1-17.

Bock, M. A., Pain, P., & Jhang, J. (2017). Covering nipples: news discourse and the framing of breastfeeding. Feminist Media Studies, 1-17.

Bock, M. A., Istek, P., Pain, P., & Araiza, J. A. (2016). Mastering the Mug Shot: Visual journalism and embodied gatekeeping. Journalism Studies, 1-20.

Pain, P. (2012). Wide Angled View of Afghanistan Airwaves: Radio Sahar, an Independent Women’s Community Radio Station in Herat, Afghanistan. Asia Pacific Media Educator, 22(1), 75-80.


Peer-Reviewed Book Chapters

Mandell, H., Chen, G.M., & Pain, P. #Sadwife and #happyhusband: The performance of unattainable marital ideals on Facebook. In N. Punyanunt-Carter, & J.S. Wench (Eds.), Social media & romantic relationships, Lanham, MD: Lexington Books; book is under contract. 

Chen, G.M., Pain, P. & Zhang, Michelle. Mediating misogyny: Gender, technology and harassment. Palgrave Macmillan. Forthcoming 2018.

Chen, G.M., Pain, P., & Barner, B. (In Press). “Hashtag feminism”: Activism or slacktivism? In D. Harp, J., Loke, & I. Bachmann (Eds.), Feminist approaches to media research and theory, New York: Palgrave Macmillan; forthcoming in 2018.

McCombs, M., Zheng, P., & Pain, P. Network intermedia agenda setting.  News scholarship in a transitional age: Research in honor of Pamela J. Shoemaker, New York, NY: Peter Lang; book is under contract and forthcoming in 2018. 

Chen, G.M., Pain, P., & Fadnis, D. Over-sharing in a political sex scandal. In H. Mandell, & G.M. Chen (Eds.), Scandal in a digital age, New York, NY: Palgrave Macmillan; book is under contract and forthcoming in 2016.

Chen, G.M., & Pain, P. Performance of the political self on Twitter: What the Tea Party’s tweets say about its identity. In G.W. Richardson Jr. (Ed.), Social Media and Politics: A New Way to Participate in the Political Process, Praeger (2016).

Pain, P., Sayers, R. (2006). Principles of awareness raising: Information literacy, a case   study.


Peer-Reviewed Research Presentations

“Facebook and newspapers online: Competing beings or complimentary entities?”: (Chen, V & Pain, P): Presented at AEJMC 2017. (Top paper Award)

‘A chance to serve’: Community journalists in India on their role in society" to        the Community Journalism Interest Group. (Pain, P): Presented at AEJMC 2017 (Top paper Award)

Communicating public agendas through online comments: (Pain, P): To be presented at MAPOR 2017.

Citizen Journalism and development communication in India: An exploratory study: (Pain, P): Presented at AEJMC 2017. (Top paper award)

Mediating the media: Facebook and the dissemination of news online: (Pain, P): To be Presented at MAPOR 2017.

“This reporter is so ugly, how can she appear on TV? ”: Negotiating gender online and offline in Taiwanese media: (Pain, P., & Chen, V., 2016): Presented at ICA 2017.

Media Justice: Race, borders, disability and data:  (Pain, P): Presented at ICA 2017.  

A Pearl Dropped in the Ocean: Reappraising Compelling Argument in Agenda-Setting     From the Affective Dimension: (Shuning, L; Hong, TV; Russell, A; Pain, P., McCombs, M; 2017): Presented at ICA 2017.  

“Disrupting Routines: How Gendered Harassment in Online Comments Affects Female Journalists in the United States and Taiwan”: (Chen, G; Pain, P., & Chen, V., 2016): Presented at ICA 2017.  

Gendered practices in Taiwanese newsrooms: An exploratory study: (Pain, P., & Chen, V., 2016): Presented at AEJMC Mid Winter 2017. (Top paper Award)

Who told you that? Examining the agenda setting power of sources in mainstream and alternative media: (Pain, P., & Chen, V., 2016): Presented at MAPOR 2016.

Covering Nipples: News Discourse and the Politics and Framing of Breastfeeding: (Bock, M., Pain, P., &z, Zong., 2016) Presented at the National Communication Association.

Normalizing Online Commenting: Exploring How Journalists Deal with Incivility on News Sites: (Chen, G., & Pain, P). Presented at the AEJMC Conference 2016 (Minneapolis).  

“When I ask a question, they look at me strangely”— An exploratory study of women political reporters in India: (Pain, P) Presented at the AEJMC Conference 2016 (Minneapolis).   (Top paper Award)

The battle of the sources: how diverse are alternate and mainstream media in their use of news sources?: (Pain, P). Presented at the AEJMC Midwinter Conference 2016.   

Media sources and the same sex marriage issue: Through the lens of the agenda setting theory:  (Chen, VY.,  P., & Pain, P.). Presented at WAPOR 2016

OBAMACARE in the news: An alternate and mainstream media frame comparison: (Chen, G.M., & Pain, P.). Presented at the WAPOR 2016

What changed public opinion on the same sex marriage issue? New implications of attributes in media agenda setting: (Chen, VY.,  P., & Pain, P.). Presented at the International Communication Association, 2016

Psychological geography through the eyes of the New York Times and People’s Daily: A network agenda-setting analysis. (McCombs, M., Zheng P., & Pain, P.). Presented at the International Communication Association, 2016

ICT-Enabled Grievance Redressal in Central India: A Comparative Analysis: (Pain, P.): Presented at the International Conference on Information & Communication Technologies and Development (ICTD2016)

No Women's Land - An Exploratory Study of Women Political Journalists in India: (Pain, P.) Presented at the Commission on the Status of Women at the AEJMC Midwinter Conference 2016.  (Top abstract)

Framing 'Obamacare: Comparing Frames of the Affordable Care Act in Mainstream and Alterative media-- Pain, P. & Chen, G.M., (2015).  Presented at the MAPOR 2015.

Computer analysis for understanding compelling arguments. Big data and the unemployment issue in 2011—Saldaña M & Pain, P., Presented at the MAPOR 2015

Teaching multimedia journalism to high school students through the lens of Freedom Summer-- Pain, P., Chen, G.M., & Campbell, C. P. (2015).  Presentation at the AEJMC 2015 Conference   

Why just my children? This is for all our children – The rise of the woman citizen journalist in India: Presentation at the AEJMC 2015 Conference in San Francisco (Top Student paper Award winner)

Moving from West to East: Culturally enhanced messaging for autism public service announcements in India: Pain, P. Presentation at the IAMCR 2015 Conference Montreal Canada

“A chance for me to do good, make a real difference”--How citizen journalists in India view their struggles and ability for social transformation: Presented at the Union for Democratic Communications conference, Circuits of Struggle, in Toronto, Ontario, May 1-3, 2015. 

Citizen’s journalism and The Knowledge Gap Theory: Bridging gaps and creating informed audiences: AEJMC Mid-Winter Conference Norman, OK, 2015.

Revisiting CGNet Swara and its Impact in Rural India: Presented at The Seventh International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies and Development (ICTD2015), Nanyang Technological University, Singapore from May 15-18, 2015

Citizen Journalism and Mainstream Media---Competing Entities or Complementary Beings? (Pain, P): Presented MAPOR 2014 

Framing mobile media activism: A comparative study of the CGNET Swara and Mobile Voices outlets (Pain, P) (Participatory Journalism Interest Group Division/Interest Group for participation in the 2014 AEJMC Research Paper Competition.)

Mediating nation-ness: Nationhood and national identity in Indian and Pakistani media, 1947-1997, (Sahin, S. & Pain, P.) Third place-Markham Student Paper Competition-International Communication Division, AEJMC 2014

Presentation on Examining some internet based initiatives that is Changing the face of the Indian Media Industry at the 14th International Symposium on Online Journalism held at the University of Texas at Austin (2013). (

Paper presented at the Association of Social Anthropologists of the UK and Commonwealth Conference, 2012, India, titled Citizen Video Producers Changing Indian Media (

Media in situations of conflict: Facilitators and Builders (Reporting religion: Dilemmas of Public Discourse Singapore Nanyang Technological University, Singapore) 2011(

Bridging Gaps: The Mobile Way to Sexual and Reproductive Health presented in the 110th Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association November 16-20, 2011 Montreal, QC, Canada (

Children and Disaster Communication: Workshop on Awareness Raising in Disaster Management: UNESCO and the National Science Foundation in Sri Lanka 2005.


Professional achievements:

  1. Awarded The Mary Gardner Award for Graduate Student Research (CSW) AEJMC 2017 
  2. Awarded Research and Dissertation Grant from The School of Journalism and Communication, The University of Texas at Austin 2017
  3. Awarded Continuing Fellowship Award for excellence in Graduate Studies (The University of Texas at Austin: Dept of Journalism 2016: ($30, 000)
  4. Population Health Scholar: UT Health systems (May 1, 2017-present)
  5. Research Intern: Technologies for Emerging Markets Group at Microsoft Research India. (May 2014 to December 2014)


What are a few of your favorite things about UT, the J-School, or Austin? It’s hard not to love Austin with its diversity and wonderful music scene.  

What sites would you recommend checking out? PBS Mediashift and



Hometown: India: Calcutta/Madras


Social Media:  @ParoP