Shannon McGregor

Ph.D. Student

Shannon McGregor (M.A. University of Florida) is a doctoral candidate. Her research interests center on political communication, social media, gender and public opinion. Her work has been published in the Journal of CommunicationInternational Journal of Communication; Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media; Information, Communication & Society; Social Media + Society and Journal of Media Ethics. She has presented her work at International Communication Association (ICA), the American Political Science Association (APSA), the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC), and the Midwest Association for Public Opinion Research (MAPOR).   


McGregor, S. C. & Reis Mourao, R. (forthcoming). Talking politics on Twitter: gender, elections, and social networks. Social Media + Society

McGregor, S. C., Lawrence, R. G., & Cardona, A. (2016). Personalization, gender, and social media: Gubernatorial candidates’ social media strategies. Information, Communication & Society. (published online ahead of print).

McGregor, S. C., Reis Mourao, R., Neto, I., Straubhaar, J. D. & Anduluci, A. (forthcoming). Second Screening as Convergence in Brazil and the US. Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media

Saldaña, M., Sylvie, G. & McGregor, S. C. (forthcoming) Journalism-Business tension in Swedish newsroom decision-making. Journal of Media Ethics.

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Gil de Zuniga, H., Garcia, V. & McGregor, S. C. (2015). What is second screening? Exploring motivations of second screen use and its effect on online political participation. Journal of Communication 65(5), 793-815.


McGregor, S., Lawrence, R. G., Cardona, A., & Reis Mourao, R. (2015). Self-Presentation and Gender: 2014 Gubernatorial Candidates on Social Media. Media, Message, and Mobilization: Communication and 2014 Mid-Term Elections. Eds. J. A. Hendricks & D. Schill. (forthcoming)