Sheila B. Lalwani

Doctoral Student

Sheila B. Lalwani is a doctoral student at the Moody College of Communication. She has years of daily newsroom experience reporting from Austria, Thailand, India, Germany, Indonesia and Singapore for major publications, including the Seattle TimesDie PresseAssociated Press and Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.  

A recipient of a Graduate School Mentoring Fellowship, Sheila researches global media, information and media policy and law in the U.S. and the European Union. She has spoken and presented at colloquia and conferences in cities, including New York, Warsaw, Singapore, Fez and Leipzig. She has also led and served as an advisor for journalism organizations focused on diversity, equity and inclusion and spends her spare time working to advance the Transatlantic Relationship.

She graduated from Indiana University with honors in Journalism and Religious Studies and earned a Masters in Public Policy from Harvard University. She spent a few months in Austria as an ICFJ Fellow and then a year in Germany as a Fulbright Scholar and McCloy Fellow. She is finishing her LL.M. in Legal Theory from Goethe University, where she researches social media regulation. She was born and raised in the Midwest, speaks German and Hindi and expects to advance her knowledge of French and a Slavic language.

Sheila Lawlani