Shuning Lu

Ph.D. Student


Shuning Lu is a doctoral candidate at School of Journalism, the University of Texas at Austin. Her research interests center on social and political impacts of emerging media technologies in both U.S. and authoritarian regimes. Her recent projects include online incivility and its effect, public discourse in the networked environment, and political participation in transitional societies. She primarily draws on (but not limited to) quantitative methods, such as survey, experiment, content analysis, and network analysis. After earning certificates in computational social science courses from U.S., Hong Kong, and mainland China, she becomes increasingly interested in applying advanced statistics and programming methods to studying the dynamics of various communication phenomena. 

Over the past few years, Shuning has published several peer-reviewed articles in Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media, International Journal of Communication, The International Encyclopedia of Media Effects, and among others.  She has won top paper awards from National Communication Association, the University of Texas at Austin, and national academic paper competitions held in China. In addition, she has recently obtained research grants from Shanghai Municipal Government (in 2017) and Qualtrics Research Company (in 2016). 

At UT, Shuning has taught a wide array of courses, to name a few, Digital Storytelling Basics, Reporting Images, Social Media Journalism, Fundamental Issues in Journalism, and Mobile Programming for Journalists. She combines her research and professional experiences to prepare students for careers in digital communication with such skills as visual storytelling, data visualization, mobile application design, and social media analytics. 

Before coming to UT, she received her B.A. and M.A. in Communication from Fudan University (China). She has worked at Xinhua News Agency, Xinhua Net, Shanghai Evening Post, and Shanghai Media Group. She was the core member of Fudan University Photographer Team during 2010 Shanghai Expo. She also volunteered as a video producer during 2007 Special Olympics Games. 

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