Taeyoung Lee

Doctoral Student

Taeyoung Lee is a doctoral student and a teaching assistant in the School of Journalism and Media at the University of Texas at Austin. Lee earned her M.A. degree in Media Arts and Sciences from the Media School at Indiana University.

Her research interests broadly revolve around political communication processes in the changing media environment. Specifically, her research focuses on how the new media environment has changed the nature of people’s exposure to political information and how these changes affect people’s perception, and in turn, influence the formation of public opinion. She is also interested in when and how various political communications including news, political satire, and political misinformation (fake news) contribute to fostering, reinforcing, or undermining democratic values.

Prior to moving to the U.S., Lee spent seven years as a newspaper reporter in South Korea. Her reporting was recognized with national honors.


Doctoral Candidate Taeyoung Lee