Mizelle Mayo

Master's Student

Mizelle Mayo is a first year graduate student emphasizing her studies in photojournalism.  She has a BA in Journalism from the University of Alaska Anchorage and was awarded the  Max Llane's "Behind the Camera" in 2018. She has published work in local magazines in Anchorage such as "The Spenardian" and "True North Magazine" on community diversity and local artists.  In her undergrad years, she wrote feature stories for The Northern Light newspaper and was also the multimedia editor for their online website.  She also freelanced and edited promotional videos for a local marketing company in Anchorage for Jensen Hall Creative.

Her main focuses are in racial inequalities and displacement, public health and resources and cultural inclusivity in the workplace.  She is hoping to strengthen her long-format storytelling for photo stories and be able to shoot hard-hitting news in the broadcast journalism world.