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Omar Rodríguez Ortiz

Master's Student

Bio: Omar is in the Professional Track program and has been a Teaching Assistant for three consecutive semesters. He was born in Puerto Rico and lived there until he was 26 years old. While completing a bachelor's degree at the University of Puerto Rico, he created an independent news outlet to cover two student-led strikes. Due to the economical crisis his beloved archipelago still faces, Omar decided to move to Austin with his wife, Nathaly.  

Degrees: B.A. in Teaching English as a Second Language.

Media experience: Omar is a former summer intern at Texas Monthly with several published articles. He has also been published by The Austin Chronicle and Reporting Texas. In Puerto Rico, Omar was a Media Monitoring Official at the Governor's Office for almost three years. Before that, he volunteered for as a journalist and created his college-bound independent news outlet, Estudiantes de la UPR Informan.  

What are a few of your favorite things about UT, the J-School, or Austin: The active/outdoor lifestyle of the city; there is always something to do.