Paula Levihn-Coon

Master's Student

Growing up overseas, with an undergraduate background in both African and Latin American Studies and a history of environmental volunteerism, Paula Levihn-Coon became a master’s pro-track student to strengthen her multimedia journalism skills. As a freelance journalist, she intends to shed light on social injustice and environmental issues to affect positive change in this complex world.

To date, she has reported on asylum seekers from the Northern Triangle, environmental injustice in East Austin, and the long-term effects of living with AIDS since the 1980s.

Paula’s hobbies include leading hikes on the Balcones Canyonlands National Wildlife Refuge, metalsmithing and native plant gardening. She enjoys canoeing in the Canadian wilderness and horseback riding in the Rocky Mountains with her four children and husband of 42 years.

Paula Levin-Coon