Samantha Eisenmenger

Master's Student

Samantha Eisenmenger is a MA-Professional Track student. She earned a BA in Sociology from The University of North Texas. Upon completion of her undergraduate degree, she gained communications experience through volunteering for Doctors Without Borders in Dubai, UAE. While in Dubai, she began exploring storytelling through photography.

In 2018, Samantha was a volunteer photographer for a grassroots group who supported Beto O’Rourke’s senate campaign. She traveled all over Texas where she photographed and interviewed Texans. Her photos, and interviews, were featured on social media and a weekly newsletter. During this time, Samantha’s photos were featured in the Wall Street Journal, Dallas Morning News and the Del Rio News-Herald.  

Samantha is interested in learning how to report on disinformation campaigns and rhetoric in politics through clear and concise narratives that help the public recognize disinformation. She also wants to sharpen her photojournalism and storytelling skills.

Samantha Eisenmenger
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