Sumaiya Malik

Master's Student

Sumaiya Malik is an MA student in the professional-track program. She has been writing as a freelancer in mainstream publications for five years.   

Media Experience: Sumaiya is a frequent contributor to the Austin American Statesman and the Austin Chronicle. Her work appears monthly in Austin South Asian Newspaper. She covers stories that vary widely in topics such as politics, restaurant reviews, community news, opinion pieces, interviews, and stories that align the paper with the city. She has written extensively about SXSW and ACL. 

Her passion for fine arts has led her to do art reviews for the Austin Chronicle, the Austin American Statesman and Tribeza. Edible Austin has featured her work related to food pantries in Austin.   

Artist: Sumaiya paints professionally and always has an oil painting going on. This year she had her first solo exhibit in a local coffee shop. 

Degree: MA in International Relations, University of Karachi, Pakistan 

Published work and art: