Community Impact 2023 Team

Community Impact Spring 2023 Team

students on stone that says print aint dead

More Change - Right at Our Fingertips

The University of Texas at Austin and Community Impact have teamed up again to generate journalism coverage of diverse communities and topics. Three UT students were chosen to work with the Pflugerville-based newspaper and will be working under the supervision of Managing Editor Amy Denney and Professor Christian McDonald to gain professional experience. Students will learn journalism skills such as meeting deadlines for print and digital production, tracking down sources, and pitching stories that appeal to local audiences.


Let's Meet the Team

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Sarah Brager

Sarah is a sophomore majoring in Journalism. She loves that journalism helps people feel more connected to the world around them. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, coffee shops and watching movies.







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Angela Lim

Angela is a sophomore majoring in Journalism and International Relations and Global Studies. She views journalism as a public service and an honor to be telling people's stories. In her free time, she loves making playlists, the color green and fruit tea.







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Lucero Ponce

Lucero is a sophomore majoring in Journalism and Mexican American and Latina/o Studies. She loves journalism because she gets to do two things she loves: writing and public service. In her free time, she loves to go to concerts, going on walks and playing tennis.