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School of Journalism Alumni Receive Pulitzer Prizes in the 2015 Contest

Two alumni from the School of Journalism were among the 2015 Pulitzer Prize Winners.

Lisa Falkenberg, a Houston Chronicle metro columnist and 2000 graduate and Robert Cohen, a St. Louis Post-Dispatch photographer and 1987 graduate, both received honors within the journalism category, composed of 1,200 entries.

Falkenberg won a Pulitzer in Commentary for her series of ten columns about a man who was convicted and sentenced to death for a crime he likely did not commit, according to the official announcement from the Houston Chronicle. Since 2005, Falkenberg has covered a range of topics and was a Pulitzer Prize finalist in 2014. It is the first Pulitzer Prize at the Chronicle since the newspaper's founding in 1901.

In the category of Breaking News Photography, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch won a Pulitzer Prize to honor the team of journalists for coverage of the shooting of Michael Brown in August of 2014 and the following protests that grew into a national movement. Six of Cohen's photos were included in the 19-photo submission from the Post-Dispatch. According to the official announcement from the Post-Dispatch, these photographers and journalists placed themselves at the center of the action, often wearing bullet proof vests and gas masks in order to report on the protests. This honor marks the 18th Pulitzer Prize awarded to the Post-Dispatch, the most recent in 1989.

“Being a school that consistently produces Pulitzer winners is a source of enormous pride for our graduates, faculty, staff and, above all, current students," said R.B. Brenner, Director of the School of Journalism. "It gives our journalists of the future something to aim for."

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