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Upcoming Event: 2017 Denius Symposium on News Integrity

A panel of noted journalists and media experts will convene for this year’s Denius Symposium on News Integrity. The event will be held in the Belo Center for New Media, Fleming Lecture Hall, on Tuesday, Oct. 3 at 11 a.m.  

The speakers will offer a variety of experiences within the journalistic realm. Nancy Barnes is the Houston Chronicle executive vice president, and has worked for the Star Tribune Media Company and the Raleigh-based News & Observer. Mark Feldstein is currently the Richard Eaton Chair of Broadcast Journalism at the University of Maryland-College Park, after 20 years working as a foreign correspondent for CNN, ABC News and other local television stations.

David Sternlicht is Senior Vice President, Legal for the NBCUniversal News Group, which entails advising journalists and handling legal issues. Keven Ann Willey has been vice president and editorial page editor for The Dallas Morning News since 2002; her department garnered a Pulitzer Prize in 2010.

The Denius Symposium is hosted annually by the Strauss Institute for Civic Life, the Engaging News Project and the School of Journalism. The panel is free and open to the public.  

Raga Justin

Freshman Journalism Major

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