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Graduate Student Employment

Teaching Assistantship

The School of Journalism employs a number of currently enrolled master's and doctoral students as teaching assistants to assist faculty members teaching undergraduate courses.

Doctoral students will be given first consideration for teaching assistant positions providing they have the skills necessary for the course and/or have had previous teaching experience. Master's students may also be considered for teaching assistantships depending upon the student's skills and experience and whether or not there are positions available in the department. Being employed as a teaching assistant one semester does not guarantee employment in future semesters. We have fewer courses, and fewer courses that require TAs, in some semesters than in others. To be considered for a TA position, fill out the TA application (.pdf) and turn in to the graduate coordinator.

Assistant Instructor (AI)

Doctoral students who have completed their course work, have worked as a TA for at least one semester, have completed the J 398T teaching course or have at least one year experience teaching at an accredited institution, and are enrolled in dissertation writing may be advanced to assistant instructor. These positions are few and are selected based on needs for the course schedule.

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Benefits and Pay Scale

Salaries for 20 hour/week T.A. appointments  come with health insurance, a partial tuition assistance and qualification for resident tuition entitlement.

Graduate Research Assistant

On the rare occasion that a faculty member is individually funded and in need of a research assistant, it is likely that a current student would be selected. We do not offer research assistant positions to incoming students.