Graduate Programs in Journalism and Media

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We are now accepting applications for fall 2021 graduate admissions.

Fall 2021 deadline: December 1, 2020.

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We accept fall admissions only.

Welcome to the Graduate Program

Journalism, communication and information systems have expanded tremendously in the 21st Century, adding new places and new ways people learn about and contribute to news and information while also expanding the ways that media makers such as journalists are able to report and analyze. Our graduate program provides a rich breadth of courses, research experiences, and internships for people committed to continuing their education in this evolving and important field. Our program has deep ties to the world of news and information practitioners across all media forms, and our graduate degrees offer opportunities to obtain the training and the conceptual depth to better understand the media systems and content that have profound impacts on society. Our award-winning faculty includes experts in many fields, leaders in numerous professional associations and editors in top publications in the field.

Our three-degree programs include (1) a doctoral program that explores influential theories and contemporary topics in journalism and media, with strong training in both quantitative and qualitative research methods; (2) an M.A. program emphasizing theory and research, configured to extend students’ depth in the research literature of communications and media and providing opportunities to deepen subject matter expertise; and (3) a Professional M.A. designed to provide or extend professional training for people who desire to work in the fields of making media, including reporters, photojournalists, and storytellers in various media forms.

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Master's Professional Track

This program is geared toward students who are coming to Journalism from another field of study or for additional professional experience.

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Master's Research & Theory Track

The MA Research and Theory program is a two-year degree designed to provide students with additional depth in media and journalism studies.

Doctoral Program

Students entering the 2021 Ph.D. program will be required to complete five semesters of coursework, one semester for preparing for comprehensive exams and a research proposal, and their dissertation in the final, fourth year. Core requirements will include courses on methods and theory. Electives appropriate to a student's research interest are available within the School of Journalism and Media, Moody College and across the University. 

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