Student Dissertations

Mark Coddington, 2015  

Gathering Evidence of Evidence:  

News Aggregation and the Production of Journalistic Knowledge 

Supervisor: Dr. Stephen Reese  

Qian Wang, 2015  

Who sets the news agenda on “Chinese Twitter”? 

Exploring the relationships between the media and opinion leaders on Weibo 

Supervisor: Dr. Renita Coleman  

Rebecca Scoggin McEntee, 2015  

A Look at Future Visual Coverage of U.S. Women in Combat 

Through Gatekeeping, Hierarchy of Influences, and Ethic of Care 

Supervisor: Dr. Renita Coleman  

José Andrés Araiza, 2016  

Gay American Gothic: A Movement Returns to Its Past 

Supervisor: Dr. Maggie Rivas-Rodriguez  

Hyeri Jung, 2017  

Transcultural Media and the Soft Power of the Korean Wave: 

A Reversed Ethnographic Approach to U.S. Fans’ Reception of Korean Popular Culture 

Supervisor: Dr. Tom Johnson  

Saif Shahin, 2017 pre 

News, Nations, and Power Relations: 

A Study of Newsmaking and Policymaking as Transnational Practices 

Supervisor: Dr. Stephen Reese  

Krishnan Vasudevan, 2017  

Black Media Producers of Austin, Texas: 

Critical Media Production and Design as Citizenship 

Supervisor: Mary Angela Bock 

Paromita Pain, 2018  

‘A chance for me to do good, make a real difference’:  

Mapping the role of citizen journalists in social transformation in India 

Supervisor: Dr. Thomas J. Johnson 

Co-Supervisor: Dr. Max E. McCombs 

Danielle Kathleen Kilgo, 2017  

Black, White, and Blue: Analyzing Media and Audience Frames of Visual News Coverage of Police-Use-of-Force and Protests 

Supervisor: Dr. Renita Coleman  

Deepa Fadnis, 2018  

Journalistic Coverage of Rape Culture in India 

Supervisor: Dr. Gina Chen Masullo  

Kyser Lough, 2019  

What music looks like:  

Concert photographers and their work, identity and gatekeepers 

Supervisor: Dr. Mary Angela Bock 

Shane Graber, 2019  

A Seven-Letter Word for Leaving People Out:  

E L I T I S M in The New York Times Crossword 

Supervisor: Dr. Mary Angela Bock  

Ever Josue Figueroa, 2020  

Hegemonic Masculinity on the Character Select Screen: 

How Esports Media & Culture Represents Race, Gender and Class 

Supervisor: Dr. Mary Angela Bock  

Lourdes Miriam Cueva Chacón, 2020  

A “Gentlemen’s Agreement:” The ways news discourse perpetuates and challenges segregationist discourse 

Supervisor: Mary Angela Bock  

Kelsey Whipple, 2020 

The Power of Curation:  

Examining the Identity, Authority and Beliefs of U.S. Cultural Journalists 

Supervisor: Dr. Stephen Reese 

Gejun Huang, 2020

New Frontier of Digital Media and Entertainment: Exploring Entrepreneurship in the Chinese Digital Game Industry.  

Supervisor: Wenhong Chen 

Xiaoqian Li, 2018 

Core technical support networks in public housing communities: A new perspective on digital inequalities. 

Supervisor: Wenhong Chen 


Margaret Yee Man Ng, 2018

Building an Innovation Discontinuance Model: The Case of Twitter

Supervisor: Dr. Iris Chyi