Part 2: Classes to Check Out During Registration

From music journalism and television reporting to reporting with data and media ethics, don't miss out on these classes taught by our amazing faculty


In the middle of the graphic in front of a dark blue background are 5 photos of professors at the University of Texas at Austin School of Journalism and Media. At the top is an orange bar with white text that says, "Check our these classes during," and at the bottom is an orange bar with white text that says, "Registration."

Reporting with Data - Jo Lukito 

This class will involve an investigation of the basics of computer-assisted reporting. Subjects include finding compelling data sets; cleaning and analyzing the contents; using data visualization and simple statistical models to accurately report based on the data; and presenting results through stories, charts and maps.

On the left is a photo of Assistant Professor Jo Lukito. On the right on a purple background is "Jo Lukito," "Reporting With Data," and Lukito's job title.

Jo Lukito studies cross-platform media language in the global political communication context, focusing especially on interactions between news and different social media platforms. Lukito specializes in natural language processing and quantitative language analysis methods to study language over time.

Television Reporting - Kate West

This class will teach students basic television news-gathering skills, including shooting and editing videotape, planning and executing visual storytelling and writing news packages. Students will also assist in a weekly news broadcast.

On the right is a photo of Kate West. On the left on a dark purple background is white text that says, "Kate West," "Television Reporting," and her job title.

Kate West is an Emmy-nominated television journalist with 20 years of experience covering the news for various television stations across the country. She also serves as the Director of Reporting Texas and is the assistant graduate advisor for the master’s pro track. You’ll often find West running on the Hike and Bike Trail in her spare time.

Photographic Communication - Raymond Thompson

This class is an introduction to photographic technique and recent trends, evaluation, visual design and use of images in the media.

On the left is a photo of Assistant Professor Raymond Thompson. On the right on a brown background is white text that says, "Raymond Thompson," "Photographic Communication" and his job title.

Raymond Thompson is an artist, educator, and journalist based in Austin, TX and new full-time faculty member at the School of Journalism and Media. He received the 2020 Lenscratch Student Prize and has previously worked as a freelance photographer for publications including The New York Times, ACLU, Politico and NPR.

Media Law and Ethics - Anita Varma

Graduate-student course where students will examine legal rights and restrictions for online and print journalism, including Constitutional guarantees, libel, invasion of privacy and contempt of court.

On the right is a photo of Assistant Professor Anita Varma. On the left on a green background is white text that says, "Anita Varma," "Media Law + Ethics" and her job title.

In addition to her role as an assistant professor, Anita Varma also leads the Solidarity Journalism Initiative at the Center for Media Engagement, where she is a senior faculty research associate. As a publicly engaged scholar, Varma’s work focuses on the role of solidarity in journalism. She believes journalism can help change the world for the better, and dedicates herself to helping journalists do their best work.  

Music Journalism - Raoul Hernandez

This class will teach students about reporting, reviewing and writing about all aspects of the music industry, from start-up record labels to established companies, to independent artists and major musicians. Students will use new digital tools to gather content and explore how the industry, and covering it, has changed.

On the left is a photo of Assistant Professor Raoul Hernandez. On the right on a blue background is white text that says, "Raoul Hernandez," "Music Journalism" and his job title.

San Francisco native Raoul Hernandez arrived in his mother’s hometown of San Antonio on July 3, 1992, two weeks out of graduate school and intent on making a living writing about music. He moved to Austin in 1993 and became Music Editor at the Austin Chronicle in 1994.

Jennifer Xia
Content and Web Intern