Understanding the difference between legitimate news and misinformation

KVUE launches news literacy series featuring UT Austin's Center for Media Engagement

There’s a lot of information out there between social media platforms, cable news and push alerts. Sometimes, it’s hard to figure out what’s real and what isn’t.

KVUE is launching a news literacy series to help you understand the news better – where we get it, how we get it, and how we deliver it. The Center for Media Engagement provided the experts for their questions about how to be smarter news consumers.

News changes constantly and, in the 21st century, where you get your news matters.

“If you're not monitoring what you're taking in, you essentially could be learning things that aren't true,” said Talia Stroud, the director of the Center for Media Engagement.

The research hub works to “empower the public to understand, appreciate and participate in the democratic exchange of ideas.” With misinformation everywhere, that mission is even more important right now. View the KVUE segment:

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