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About the Dallas Morning News Innovation Endowment
Who we are & why we innovate

The Drag Audio Production House

Something amazing and unique is happening on the University of Texas campus. Students and recent alums are reinventing what it means to create the most popular podcasts. The next big audio story won’t be coming from a national podcasting powerhouse. It will come from The Drag.

The Drag is an audio production house built by students and recent Moody College alums. We love audio storytelling, and we especially love long-form journalistic podcasts that guide listeners through a complex story. And we want to help the media world figure this out, so we partner with media organizations to help them tell fascinating stories. The next generation of podcasters will come from the Moody College. Where did we get our name? Guadalupe Street, famously called The Drag, runs alongside our home on campus.

Through the production house, our partnerships and our classes, we are able to give our students free reign to investigate stories and the realm of audio. It's been incredible to see our students take charge of these audio projects, and we cannot wait for you to listen to them. 

Check out The Drag's latest podcast, Devilish Deeds, where host Megan Parker brings you back to the time when the first known American serial killer terrorized a community.