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December 1, 2023.

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The MA Research and Theory program is a two-year degree designed to provide students with additional depth in media and journalism studies. While our MA Pro Track degree focuses on preparing people who want to create media, our Research and Theory MA students can gain additional methodological expertise alongside knowledge of journalism and theory, which can help them to move toward doctoral degrees or a variety of analytic careers with media organizations. 

Methodological preparation includes opportunities to acquire skills to undertake qualitative and quantitative work, including working with ‘big data’ generated by Internet platforms and sites, as well as qualitative data often used by organizations ranging from the medical field to politics to survey researchers. 

The wide array of courses we offer allows students to specialize in fields including media policy, journalism studies, global media, Internet information systems, media engagement, and many more. Our faculty are highly international, with extensive experience working with and conducting research on the press, media and information systems around the world. Please see our faculty bios and our Research pages to investigate your many options in our program.