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Agenda (1st Place)
By Allie Runas, Kailey Hunt, Claire Tichy

A card game to encourage young voters to learn about city politics


By Mia Cooper, Areeba Amer, Grace Ann Hornfischer, Josh Diaz

Clarity is an app designed to reach uniformed/unlikely young voters. The app is designed to act as a social media platform to encourage discussion of various political issues through a point system. 

Color Meme Political
By Jasmine Valencia & Brooke Sumners

What’s better than a coloring book? A coloring book of Texas Senate election memes created by the designers of Young and Confused to inspire a new and unexpected conversation about voting among millennials and Gen Z’ers.


Dancing in Pairs Podcast
By Brian Couer

Dancing in Pairs is a conversation that uses popular cultural ideas and idols, to tell stories that educate the public about issues that are resonating around the election. The mashup style will be used to frame data on Polls, on Inequality, on Tax Havens through the imaginary eyes of popular music and TV celebrities.

Drunk Debates 
Michael, Megan, Ashley, Rintaro, Shylee

A comedic video series promoting informed voting. It is an intoxicated public debate on politics.


EC through the years
By Savannah Jobman, Stephanie Adeline, Garrett Kennedy, Bonny Chu

An interactive map for electoral votes through the years vs popular vote.

By Jackson Barton, Claire Bills, Riley Miller, Carissa Georgelos, Ben Katz

ElectME is a lightweight app targeted towards young and uninformed students that helps them learn about local elections, candidates, and issues. Users and candidates can create custom profiles and share issues that matter most to them.

Election LiveTrack
By Spencer Buckner, Saif Ali, Bethany Stork, Nathaniel Morton, Alysa Aguilar

A versatile program to allow users to choose House, Senate, and Gubernatorial races to get live alerts for on election night as the results are tallied.


Find Your Stance
By, Daniella, Stefi, Nathida, Sakura, and Brynne

In the upcoming 2018 Texas Senate Election, some young voters feel like if they voted they would be doing a disservice to the democratic process because they feel as though they are uninformed voters. We created a website that includes an interactive quiz to find out the user’s political stance on key topics, then matches them to a candidate, as well as consolidated information about the candidates and their political parties.


Keep Austin Informed
By Donya Allen, Haley Riley, Chandler Gibson, Nuzha Zuberi, Alaina Brownfield

An iOS app designed for college students to easily navigate the ballot and avoid intimidating legal jargon and excessive information. In this version, the app caters to Austin’s local and state elections.


By Sabrina Martinez, Valeri Smith, Alma Muñoz, Juanita Garcia

An app where you can swipe left on different issues you agree with (i.e. issues in healthcare, immigration, education etc.) The app will then match you with candidates to vote for based on your own beliefs and opinions.

Minority First
By Kevin Laparra, Erika Ramirez, Kennedi White, Graysen Golter, Walter Brown, Pam Vance, Abraham Pina, Natasha Day, Devany Rodriguez

A website geared towards guiding first tie minority voters.

Money Votes (Honorable Mention)
By Colby Frazier, Kara Fields, Emma Gordon, Raven Hamilton, Linda Hamilton, Lizzy Canales, Ricardo Ramos, Gabby Alvares, Estrella Hernandez, Julie Tran

Our app scans political ads and everyday products to teach you about the political affiliations of companies and policies of candidates.


New News
By Claire Starling, Sara Johnson, Stephanie Gomez, Wen He, and Kate Rominger

New News is a digital news publication and content platform designed to keep 15–21-year-olds civically engaged and informed about current events.


Political and Confused
By Hayden P, Mackenzie D, Ashleigh O, Izabella S, Hannah B, Alexis S

A podcast informing young and/or new voters on the process.

By Laura, Molly, Pooja, Sandy, Jesse, Becca

Politiwoke is a website with social media platforms where we engage our audience to become more informed voters before going to the polls.


SAM the bot (2nd Place)
By, Sana Hameed, Soha Allauddin, Sehrish Rupani

SAM the bot is a functioning bot that can be easily accessed through Facebook Messenger. SAM was created to be the go-to platform to answer all your questions about voting in a way that would be simple and efficient.

Sink or Swim
By Kathleen Doviken, Ryan Steppe, Marco Guajardo, Will Xu, Mahir Karim

The best way to describe it is Rotten Tomatoes for political candidates, with an emphasis on trusting news media as the “critics.” The goal is to package information on candidates and officials in a more palatable way, so people will go into elections more informed.


By Brandon Wright, Bao Nhi Thai, Priya Patel, Christy Tjoe

A website that uses data visualizations to motivate registered voters to vote and gives them their state’s candidates.

TBD Mobile App
By Katherine Mace, Kaci Nguyen, An Nguyen, Chrsity

We have conceived an app that will help young voters be able to have direct contact with their candidates, and help make informed decisions. This app will feature a news feed where users can choose to agree or disagree with the piece of media, and later they will be able to their opinions from their decisions on the articles. The candidate contact part of the app will come in an, “Ask Me Anything” form where questions can be posed, and up-voted, so that verified candidate accounts can respond to the most pressing questions.

Texas 2018 Candidate Profiles
By Kei Hsu, Alexandra Currie-Buckner, Taylor Tice

This is a website intended to make information on each candidate more comprehensive and accessible.

Texas Timeline 
By Gabrielle Wongso, Christopher Barboza, Nikhil Klish, Larry Win, Joshau Gray, Natalie Mokry

Texas Timeline is a database website that compiles Texas stories regarding the election from Texas news sites in chronological order. Each timeline is filtered by event, and users can search specifically with topics, candidates, and keywords to find which event they would like to know more about. From there, they can navigate the election cycle in a less overwhelmed, more organized and efficient manner.

The Ethos Extension
By Jessica Zhang, Kim Hsun, Riya Butani, Tristan Stitt

A browser extension (google chrome) that, once turned on, will evaluate a page, article, story, tweet etc. and give it a credibility rating. This would enable users to find out where their information is coming from, if it can be trusted, and if the source is reliable.

To Tell You the Truth…
By Aine McGinn, Amanda Daniels and Quinn Phelan

A podcast that aims to give information about voting to young people of color.


By Faley Goyette, Ann Morris, David West Jr., Adeline Gordon, Stephanie Kigera, Amarachi Ngwakwe

An app designed to provide voters concise information on their local candidates and their policy agendas to inform their voting choices. It also tailors to the individual’s preference on policy issues by highlighting candidates and races to focus on.

Visualizing millennials and their thoughts on the 2018 midterm elections
By Diana Al-khader and Minnah Zaheer

We worked on visualization of data collected in NBC News’s GenForward survey of racially and ethnically diverse young adults. In association with the University of Chicago, NBC News asked for survey data from multiple racial demographics, and during the 2018 Moody Hackathon we got to make that data more accessible through graphs.

Voices of Voting
By Sofia Tafich, Marco Ramirez, Benjamin Cohen, and Sarah Kate Scribner

Voices of Voting is a platform to share stories from voters age 18–25. Our goal is to introduce you to everyday citizens who detail their reasoning and experience with voting in this upcoming election.

Voices Without A Vote (3rd Place)
By Alyssa Hiarker, Guinevere Govea, Juan Núñez

A podcast series that amplifies the voices of those who are ineligible to vote for a myriad of reasons and allows them to discuss policies that actively affect them and endorse candidates. Each episode focuses on a different group who is ineligible to vote.

Vote Hacker
By Julia Rasor, Namrata Prakash, Sophie Muir, Annie Lyons, Rimsha Syed

We created a Facebook bot to give voters information about candidate’s platforms in different Texas elections. We created an accompanying infographic with some basic voting info for the Senate race to give people quick facts in a short time, along with a section with a how-to-vote guide for UT students.

Voter Advisor
By Brandon Chan, Priyata Chowdhury, Alysia Duhart, Andrew Van Chau, Jingchao Lei (Emma)

Young voters, especially who are between 18–25, are severely underrepresented, and often do not know much about the candidates by the time of voting. We’re trying to match their interests with the perfect candidate for the young, and help them know more about the candidates here in Austin.